The main activity of company DE-MI is distribution of spare parts for vehicles of European manufactures such as VW, AUDI, OPEL, FORD, MERCEDES, BMW, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, CITROEN, FIAT and ZASTAVA. Head office of company is in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Hercegovina. In our range we have available 50 thousand car spare parts.

Company was founded 1996 year. Since then company is 100% in property of Mr. Sinisa Drljaca General Director. In 1998 year we opened first small shop, two years after that we opened second small shop. In favor of our progressive growth we accentuate that today we have 10 small shops in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2004 year DE-MI Promet starts development outside borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In main city od Serbia, Belgrade, we opened daughter company Lass doo. After that company starts exporting good and achieve constant growth. DE-MI Promet export products to all countries of Ex Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, also Slovenia,Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania which are members of European Union.

In 2008 year Company De-Mi shows up for the first time in one international fair event. From 16.-21. september De-Mi Company exhibited their articles at the famous fair Automechanic in Frankfurt, which is the biggest fair of auto industry, especially in industry of car spare parts. What kind of show Automechanic in Frankfurt is best illustrated by the fact that during five days of the fair through the exhibition hall area of 300 thousand square meters passes 200,000 people. Already on our first appearance on this fair, many companies from Europe, Middle East and Africa showed interest for cooperation with our company.

Just few days after, form 29. September to 5. October we exhibited on international Fair in Plodiv in Bulgaria. This time also, DE-MI Company was very satisfied with a visit to our exhibition space. Like in Frankfurt we established numerous contacts with potential clients. In the end of 2008 year from 09 to 12 december company DE-MI Promet ,as the only exhibitor from the area of South Eastern Europe, exhibited at the Shanghai Fair in one of the biggest town in China. This third trade fair participation was a big success too.

Thanks to the continuous commitment of the founder and of the staff, who are always strongly motivated, the company has progressively improved. Today, 19 years since all started DE-MI Promet, has 11.000 square meters of covered surface and 150 employees. With sold several million of spare parts in the last ten years, DE-MI Promet is not only is highly valued, it is also the largest company of its kind in the region. The company DE-MI Promet is a synonym for reliability and financial stability and that know the best all who dealt with DE-MI Promet DOO.

Although last years was marked by economic crisis, our company is making continued growth year in year out. At the level of the company in the last year, a growth in turnover of almost 40 percent. The company DE-MI Promet wants to retain the progressive growth this year too, and aims to achieve this by expanding its business activities.

In 2012 De-Mi Company expand their business with body parts, purchasing company Velas. In this sphere we have achieved increases in business too. From then until today, this sector contributes significantly to the growth and development of our company. With offices in three countries (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Croatia) and with more than 20,000 items is one of the most important companies in the region as regards to body parts. The quality and range of our goods is the fact that the goods are purchased from all over the world from suppliers that we have carefully chosen in order to obtain the best ratio of price and quality.

In addition to sales volume what DE-MI Promet stands out from the competition is great flexibility and maximum professionalism and training of all employees. The great advantage of DE-MI Promet doo is the maximum conformity is its facilities. DE-MI Company owns massive warehouses. Just in central warehouse we have more than 4.500 pallet places. The company DE-MI Promet also has large stocks, which make it possible that supply to perform with accuracy and precision, also to be successful and timely comply with the wishes of all customers, even those most demanding. DE-MI offer extends to renowned European oil brands: Elf, Aral, Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil, Opel, Bmw, Total i Shell. Visit us and check our range and quality of our products and become part of satisfied customers who are returning. BE A PART OF THE TEAM – YOUR AUTO DE-MI.



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  • Office Banja Luka - Zaluzani

    Put srpskih branilaca 120,
    78000 Banja Luka

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  • Office Banja Luka - Tranzit


    Krajiških brigada 30,

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  • Office Banja Luka - Tranzit II


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    78000 Banja Luka

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  • Office Doboj


    Ćuprijska 2,

    74000 Doboj

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  • Office Bihać


    Jablanska 25,

    77000 Bihać

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  • Office Gradiška


    Vojvode Mišića 55,

    78400 Gradiška

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  • Office Prijedor

    Kralja Aleksandra 17,
    79101 Prijedor

    Phone: +387 52 243 000

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